Luke Vibert – WGD 12001 (WGD12001)


Known to many in the realms of underground House and Techno, Paul has spent the last few decades moving heads and feet at select venues, parties and festivals across the UK and further afield. His mission is all about sharing and releasing new music for the dance floor, front room or even just your headphones.

As he readies the very first WGD “Solo Series” edition to compliment the label’s growing catalogue. Paul is honoured to welcome one of the Analords of Acid himself, Mr Luke Vibert. A legend and maker of myths in his own right, he is no stranger to providing top grade tackle of every genre he turns his hand to. From the twisted junglist stylings of ‘Amen Andrews’, to the abstract ambience of ‘Wagon Christ’, the bump and funk of ‘Kerrier District’ amongst a number of notorious aliases – there is something irrepressibly unique he brings to the mix that continues to garner him support across generations of music freaks.

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