Martinez – Consolidation EP (Incl. Sylphe Remix) (CCLD002)


Concealed Sounds return with a new 12 for 2014. This time around we have invited our friends from mysteries SYLPHE label to remix the title track by Martinez, and they delivered a monster! On the A side we find >Consolidation (Sylphe Lydlos Dub), were we are taken a true journey thru sound and rhythms for about 13 minutes.

The remix kicks off in a kind of tracky way, with a strong focus on the irresistible groove laid down by Holdie Gawn & Micawber. After the first small breaks and manipulations to the groove, we are introduced to some very trippy modular sound design. These sounds takes the lead of the remix and forms into small melodies in a very organic way. While you can still sense the ingredient from the original track, Sylphe takes a slightly different directions and offers a good opposite to the original with their own special twist.

The original version of >Consolidations< is presented on the b side of this 12. Its a dirty groove ridden track that goes on for well over 10 minutes, developing from a broken groove into a more danceable Techno pieces, with its shattering metallic sounds, bubbly baselines, deep layers of sub rhythms and lush pad chords to give it some more atmosphere. Two very different version of modern instalment in Techno music. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do… and as always there is a special hidden track on this 12.


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