Pulshar, Biodub, Heavenchord, Julian Perez – Espectrum 2, EP2 (AR052.2)


This is the second 12” EP that closes The Avantroots Dub Techno Compilation ESPECTRUM II

The first track from Pulshar since 2018, “Accept Fate”, is a dreamy ambient dub track with a heavy reggae dub influence that could work as the background sound for an eerie island.

Biodub’s “Unterfluss” is an ambient dub track that evolves progressively and drags you into a restless and magnetic atmosphere.

The dusty, uneasy and strangely sexy “Spacechord” from Heavenchord is an hypnotic ambient dub track inherited from dense atmospheres.

And to close this excellent compilation, none other than Julian Perez delivering an impeccable and elegant dub techno track to fill the dance floor with class.


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Label: Avantroots


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