S.A.M. – Terminal (ISEE001)


I walk around in the solar field. From here, the surrounding beams look like cylinder­thick, motionless rain or comet tails painted onto the sky.

The tower is all white because the sunrays are pointing directly at it, white in an erased way, like if you leave an empty patch on a drawing, and surrounded by a halo. I go over to one of the sun mirrors.

It’s huge and darkish and cold when I touch it. I don’t know if it’s cold and immune to the sun or transfixed in a much more extreme way than the desert. A solar plant can take much more sunlight. It has direct access, like a clip through into the thing outside.

The widest zone, like the highest point when it’s lightning. The sunlight is magnetic. Intense heat from the mantle pushing against the crust to get closer to the sun.


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Weight 0,45 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 cm