Simple Elements – 9,2% – 2×12″ (POSR001)


The 1990’s was an incredible decade for Techno – especially if you bought the releases being pressed and then shipped globally on a weekly basis out of Birmingham in the UK.

Simple Elements “9.2%” originally came out on Ideal Trax in 1997 and over the years has become a holy grail among underground DJ`s and record collectors.
Nicky B, the artist behind the Simple Elements moniker and resident DJ from long running Techno mecca, The House Of God, has decided to re:release the original double pack on his new label, Prisoner Of Sound Records.

This double pack is a collection of the first tracks Nicky ever wrote and is an insightful glimpse into the mind of an artist drawing upon a pool of influences, taking in Jazz, Funk, Soul, Electro, Chicago House and Detroit Techno – you can listen to the influences at work throughout the six tracks, transporting your senses off world, into the deep realms and forgotten worlds of a vintage future.


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Dimensions 30 × 30 cm