Josef Gaard – 2929 (Incl. Avancera Remix) (MOUNTAIN_004)


Berlin-based Josef Gaard hits the golden ratio on “2929,” an immersive big room track with equal appeals to the mind and body. “Rumin,” meanwhile, sees Gaard uses techno as a gateway to harsh noise and glacial ambient. Avancera (the duo of Mountain Explosion Device boss Kalawila and Dorisburg) cap things off with a stripped-down remix that emphasizes “2929”‘s subtle rhythmic menace.

Over four releases, Mountain Explosion Device had made its intentions clear—to release the absolute best in subtly morphing, psychedelic techno. The new single from Josef Gaard is a timeless example of this sound. The seething track’s pitter-patter kicks and perfectly timed delays eschew traditional melody, instead working with vast sheets of sound. It’s a track for tunneling deep into your own psyche while dancing in the dark with friends. Gaard’s release on label Total Black, explores the connections between techno, harsh noise and ambient, and “Rumin” accomplishes a similar journey over seven minutes—beginning in the club and leaving off in some desolate wilderness. Label founder Kalawila and Mountain Explosion alumnus Dorisburg use their years of experience moving crowds for their subtle tweak of “2929.” Their remix as Avancera adds a shade of acid while emphasizing the original’s subtle rhythmic menace.

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