Kalawila – Ensam Kamphund Tog Pendeltåget (Incl. Jana Sleep Remix) (MOUNTAIN_002)


Moving mountains? Making them go boom is far more fun, a field of expertise that Kalawila is unmatched in. The strength in the second release on Mountain Explosion Device is undoubtedly Kalawila’s sense of rhythm. Straight to the point, no BS grooves, that swarm to form total dj tools, plus a subtle atmosphere that will move this record from the shelves into the booths.

Clocked into a near 13 minutes journey, this monster A-side of a track feels like a celebration of everything that makes us gather during those late hours. Paired with a sonic wall that resembles mid 90’s lust for experimentation, which marks the entire A side of Kalawila’s second release on his label. On the flip you’ll find even further explorations into the same territory. Rest assured that Virunga’s less organic but more metallic approach will find a place in the hands of more daring dj’s and listeners.

The final track is a remix from Jana Sleep: a long lost tale of hibernation that keeps most hypnotists on the edge for more. This is only the beginning!


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