Moya81 – Kalpa EP (FTVA04)


Our fourth analysis of frequencies from the void above resulted in a recollection of sounds obtained from the catastrophic death of an atom in another dimension. FTVA04 consists of four cuts by Chilean producer MOYA81.

On the A-Side the record opens with Decode, a slow-burning intro to this journey. A2, Akasha is a modern take on electro with italo elements where the hectic bassline is in constant conversation with the apocalyptic pads and sound effects.

The B-Side affirms the feelings generated on the A-Side, opening with A World Beyond, a 7 minute journey through the depths of this atomic catastrophe. B2, Face Of The Future closes the record with an intelligent expression on MOYA’s synth driven style where the vocal and groove take us on a never-ending journey.

“Accept the existence of the void as a real entity, in which atoms can move and rearrange themselves”.

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Label: From The Void Above


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