Various Artists – Broken Global System (DSP006)


After a short hiatus, Distorted Sensory Perception returns… this time in the form of a 5 track various artists release featuring music from Vertical Dimension, Encrypted Theory, Fly Insect, ANITTA & Lerosa.
The record opens with atmospheric acid electro track titled ‘In Between’ from Malta’s Vertical Dimension (who is also ½ of Moodex). A fine example of melancholic machine-made music with a raw, emotional edge. Includes infectious drums, moody atmospheric keys and formidable basslines.

A-side closer comes from anonymous duo, ‘Encrypted Theory’. A diced-up break-beat laden journey full of delay drenched synth parts & a bumping dubbed out bassline. A unique balance of ambient synthesis, rippling arps and frantic sliced up beats that together provide a unique sound with a mood of its own.

B-side opens with a dark and doomy electro track dripping with Dopplereffekt vibes. ‘Greyskull’s Revenge’ from UK artist and Manchester native, Fly Insect. Titled in honour of a hardy neighbourhood cat and his pursuit for vengeance. A worthy sonic statement full of sinister synthesis.

B2 comes from Ukrainian artist, ANITTA. Her efforts in the studio created ‘Recondite Building’. A sweet, sorrowful take on ambient/braindance/electronica. Offering warm pads, franticly morphing acid squelch-lines that dip, dive & slide over dusty broken beats.

The record closes with a slow-mo dystopian electro number from Dublin’s Lerosa entitled ‘Discoloured’. Minimal chugging EBM-esque percussion drenched in dark Kraftwerkian style arps, heartfelt leads and a menacing bassline that carries the track and wraps up DSP’s 3rd VA and 6th 12” ever so nicely.

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