Eliaz – Zvok: SW EP (FTVA02)


Our second analysis of frequencies from the void above resulted in a transmission which appears to be the legacy of an ancient intelligence. FTVA02 consists of four cuts by prolific producer Eliaz, where he presents his braided take on electro and acid house.

On the A-Side the record opens with Visitore, a slow and deep acid track which lifts off gradually. With Second Start on the A2, we have a dark and moody electro cut where the drums and textures morph seamlessly with each other.

The B-Side opens with the Coincidental Mix of Everybody In, a powerful yet twisted electro cut where the elements unhinge steadily. Finally B2, 12H/Sun, sucks us into it’s range of acid and electric sounds resulting in a dark journey through the universe.

“Accept the existence of the void as a real entity, in which atoms can move and rearrange themselves”.

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Label: From The Void Above


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