Riku Sugimoto – Kitchen Court (XRD012)


Label’s family tree is getting bigger and bigger, and looks like soon we will have a fully packed roster from all corners of the world. But for now, to celebrate a full dozen of records from Exarde, we wanted to get in touch with our new brother from the land of the rising sun. Mr. Sugimoto is not a newcomer to the electronic scene but only recently he started to release his own music.

Looks like Riku has his own delicate world, where he fuses and juggles with a lot of personal representations of the dancefloor “styles” if we may say. Sugimoto’s record is balancing on a razor blade between a full-blown party and that feeling of some peculiar hi-fi nostalgia. We are welcoming everybody under his private curtains where air is filled with accurate melodies and raw mechanical grooves.


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Label: Exarde


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Weight 0,400 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 cm