Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana – WGD 12006 (WGD12006)


For the latest solo series edition, Paul reaches out across the Mediterranean straights to the island nation of Malta to the formidable Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana – two of Europe’s finest purveyors of heads-down House and sultry deep grooves. Having both worked on solo projects and together for well over a decade now, their joint projects have graced the likes of Underground Quality, Moods & Grooves, Deep Explorer alongside their own imprint Batti Batti: a perfect match.

Laying down 4 cuts of impeccable late night fuel, the EP opens with A1 ‘Going Deep’ a subtle yet expansive 4/4 mover that holds the floor with a trance inducing lead and dubby effects. Sweeping in with sun kissed melodics and spacious percussion – A2 ‘Dub Setting’ is an ode to the Maltese morning haze if there ever was one.

On the flip, B1 ‘Chi-Town Love’ steps up a notch with tight drums and rolling bassline, as layered chords fizz away and build into their rhythm. Last but not least, B2 ‘The Beginning’ brings things home as punchy 909 percussion and stringed melodics tease for several minutes. Before heavy Juno bass action drops and leaves you jackin’ the freak to close out in style.

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Label: We´re Going Deep


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