Papolious Jones – Volume Two (TRBO002)


Mr Jones is back from a trip down memory lane, digging in deep to bring you musical funk for the mind, body and soul. Picking up from where we left off, we take it a step further into more ambiguous, emotionally complex territory. After all, these have been trying times, haven’t they?

We begin with the hauntingly familiar melody of ghostly lovers who meet through generations in “We’re The OGs (Original Ghosts)”, and then we traverse to “Papolino’s Journey Into Hyperconscience” – the italo soundtrack for the end of the world. For the flip side, we live a tale of separation turned into soul-inspired electronics in “Ancestral Love”, and we end with “Let’s Start Again, Shall We?” – a groovy synth conversation that swings into introspection.

TRBO’s sophomore release adds another chapter to an unfolding story of inspiration through nostalgia. We will meet again in the future.
With love to you all,


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Label: Top Rhythm Boppers


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Dimensions 30 × 30 cm