Utopia Cloak / The Jaffa Kid – The Imaginary Museum 001 (TIM001)


The Imaginary Museum is pleased to open its doors in 2021. It is the first museum of the imagination in the world: driven by insatiable curiosity, a deep belief in music as reliable witness and document to human history, and sound research, reflecting the desire to expand the wealth of human knowledge.

The first exhibition is a joint endeavour from Utopia Cloak and The Jaffa Kid, presenting priceless artefacts collected from their respective kingdoms where melodic electronica reigns supreme. Presented on beautiful marbled vinyl, each artist shares a side expressing their unique sonic aesthetics.

Utopia Cloak comes forth with melancholic whimsy in “Summer Holiday ‘98”, explores textures and hauntological soundscapes in “Matter Changing State” and enlists Mause to relocate that particularly meaningful holiday to a Brighton beach front with a cold can and seagulls included for good measure.

Flip over to witness The Jaffa Kid illustrate smokey ambient atmospherics in “A Certain Retro”, punchy dynamic electro scenery in “Jig Jag Electron” and pure braindance indebted melody in the masterful “Carago”, worthy of Richard D James at his very best.

12” Vinyl Transparent/black Marbled

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Label: The Imaginary Museum


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