Electromenager – Sunny Side (Incl. Youandewan & Huerta Remixes) (STFM002)


Sex Tapes From Mars second reissue drop comes through more contemporary, tighter, and cleaner but not lacking the grit of its predecessor.

The baseline alone on Electromenager’s ‘Sunny Side’ on the right dance floor, on the right sound system, it’s enough to end any rave. That’s meant in the best way possible, how do you follow a track with such precision yet drunken mania all at the same time. The synths echo Hitchcock’s scariest movie shot in the 60s, while the drums make you more than aware while simultaneously deranged on this outer planet destination this new label takes you to.

Staple selector and producer Youandewan takes it to even further afield galaxies on the flip. Tribal drums and morphing samples, conjure free party energy, with the top end in the sky and the low end firmly rooted in expertly crafted club-ready transgression.

The last remix by Huerta comes earnest and precise. Less low-swung and more f**k off. The baseline is simple but absolute. This is squishy, mushy, dirty dance music.

One for the books, collection – this is one for the heads.

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Label: Sex Tapes From Mars


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