Sonodab – Crate Digging EP – 12″ (ELM 1008)


Elephant Moon proudly welcomes one of our good friends from Barcelona, Sonodab.

‘Sonold’ is the starting point for this four-track EP. There’s a distinct air of mystery looming over this minimal workout. The globulous bassline bounces along supporting by clapping beats with an eerie tone that prevails throughout.

This is followed by more alluring atmospherics on ‘Aporia’, a track that has an elastic b-line and every once in a while an enchanting melody drifts in, switching up the vibe turning things a little more dreamlike.

Turn the record and prepare to embark on a ‘Random Night’. This is Sonodab turning up the energy levels and taking you on a trip into another dimension

To close out the EP ‘Elecmann’, plays out like an ode to the good old electro days, slightly reminicent of Juan Atkins’ early work as Model 500. Like the rest of the tracks on this release, Sonodab adds soft pads in places to change the mood and keep things moving.

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