Ron’s Mobile Disco – Subconscious Exploration EP (SHRR02)


SHRR02 is a 2-track compilation EP consistanting of music released by Ronan O Ciosoig on One Louder Recordings between 2001 – 2002. A peculiar and short-lived Irish label, One Louder recordings only released two records, both of qhich are now highly sought after and practically begging to be repressed. Remastered for both a vinyl and digital 2019 release, we hope to make this music accessible again.

Subconscious Threat (Edit) combines haunting melodies, cavernous warehouse-rave bass, and a hypnotic skipping tech house groove throughout its expertly crafted 6 minutes of run time, this 2018 red-edit (edited by Ronan himself), switches the quick fire kick drums of the original for a straighter four-on-the-floor pattern, utilises some sharper high-hat and snare action, and reduces the pace slightly. One the flip, and taking a more light-hearted turn, the slow down 2018 re-edit of Simpleton utilises its bouncing minimal framework to create a slightly more abstracted and playful mood. Both tracks work very well on the dancefloor, and have been receiving playtime from a few high profile DJ’s over the past decade or so.

Seven Hills records is a label forged in Sheffield, cultivated in London.
SHRR02 is our second reissue. Keep your eyes open for SHR001 – the first original release on Seven Hills. Coming soon.

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