Ginno Russo – Travelling Around Zambia (MOM016)


Ginno Russo follows up summery sizzler She Is On Fire with his full debut vinyl 12” for MOM. The Valencia based DJ and producer presents a stylish four track EP. It is entitled Travelling Around Zambia and features rhythms and beats inspired by Africa. Russo has been an active DJ since he was 17, with DJ residencies in Valencia and the surrounding region, as well as frequent trips to the Balearic Islands. Due to this experience, Russo knows what works on the dancefloor. Therefore it is no surprise that all four tracks on this EP are built for club play. However, the fun rhythms and ear catching grooves also make them suited to other occasions.

Lio is a powerful and uplifting opener. It features steady textured beats, a stylish keyed groove and rising strings. Rosas is a funky number for the dancefloor. Textured percussion and powerful synths work the groove here alongside looped vocal fragments. Poble is vocal winner. Call and response sung vocals are laid over a powerful bassline and strong beats. Dubby finishes off the EP with a relentless follow-up. Exploding chords and a live bass take centre stage over not stopping beats. This is a fine debut EP from Russo.


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