Paul Tellimberg – Time Bandits (MMBT005)


Fed with Childhood Intelligence / Lowmoneymusiclove from his crib, Paul Tellimerg, also known as Dj Immortal, made his debuts in Berlin at the famous Club der Visionare with always surprising live performances drifting from electro and breakbeat to techno and deep house…

He then released his first music experiments on System Error with a 4 track EP “Alpha Synthesis”, which received great attention.

Back in Paris, Paul became an active member of the Claclaclac gang known for throwing some of the best raves of the capital.

Time Bandits is the affirmation of his style, a voyage through time, dimensions, genres, where he extracts pieces of music to create unique compositions, as well as a tribute to the Monty Pythons délirant movie featuring time traveling dwarfs looters and Sean Connery.

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Label: Momo´s Basement


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