Various Artists (Adam Pits, Guy Contact…) – Haŵs Party Vol. 4 (HAWS026)


The next phase of Cardiff-based label Haŵs’ metamorphosis emerges via four proggy, psychedelic cuts on their latest V/A offering, with three previous alumni making their returns and newcomer Maara landing her debut appearance on the imprint.

Kicking off the A-side is Adam Pits with the flickering ‘Swings & Roundabouts’, an opener akin to rolling headfirst down a rabbit hole and somehow finding yourself sailing above the clouds. Maara adds another dimension to the trip with ‘You’re So Delicious’, dimming the lights with dreamy synth-lines amidst brilliantly flashing melodies.

On the B-side, Guy Contact steps up to the wheel with ‘Initiate Sequence’ – an oozing, toe-tapping track that settles into romantic, purring manipulations and surrealist loops. Solar Suite rounds up the synaesthesia with ‘Greens Pool’, sliding through an internal soundscape of tension and release owed to the spectral guidance of horns, flutes, piano chords, against a soothing, steadfast bassline.

Close your eyes and step inside: the only journey is the one within.

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