Carlo – Todo Bien – LP (BIST2024)


Originally from Malaga but a Berlin resident for the past 13 years, Carlo is thrilled to unveil his first album released under his own record label, Bisiesto. This label stands out for its unique approach, releasing just one album every four years on leap day, February 29th. In contrast to his previous style, this album blends all his musical influences into a unique mixtape of instrumentals.

Reminiscent of Nightmares on Wax, Kid Loco, and Mushroom Jazz, this album offers a unique auditory experience. Lora Ute brings a hint of tangy mellowness to ‘Because’ balancing dreaminess with playful notes, while Jose Fernancaster, with his immaculate guitar skills, infuses ‘Todo Mal’ with sexy guitar riffs and wahs. Intr0beatz’s hip-hop touch enhances ‘Lemon Haze’, while Black Loops, a percussionist at heart, collaborates on ‘Midnight Cruiser’ to encapsulate the solitude of night-time city cruising with a lo-fi sound. Piek rounds off ‘Esperanza’ with an empowering bassline, tying the track together with a golden ribbon.

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Label: Bisiesto


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