Various Artists – Sounds Of The North (ZUKU001)


ZUKU’s debut release showcases a curated selection of emerging talent hailing from the North of England. This EP features a tight-knit collective of friends, all making waves in the current music scene. From York to Wigan and back to Liverpool, the Northern influence permeates every track with its distinctive flavour. Effortlessly evolving from an event to establishing a record label, ZUKU flawlessly presents an authentic representation of their distinctive sound.

Leading the E.P. is Brent, a Scouse maestro who serves as both a big brother figure and a source of inspiration for the label. The track oozes with energy, capable of setting dancefloors ablaze.

York’s finest export: Nathan Pinder takes charge of the A2 on this record. With this hypnotising club track, characterized by Nathan’s distinct sound that has already captured dancefloors, with artists such as Sibil embracing its infectious energy.

Embarking on a journey down the M62 to Wigan, we encounter the next addition to our record: Rick Slick. His contribution introduces a fusion of electro tech house sounds, drawing inspiration from the pioneers of the early 2000s.

Closing out the E.P. with his signature funky flair is our dear friend & resident Aerofunk. While still showcasing his electro influences, he adopts a more laid-back approach. Splashes of disco elements round off the record with finesse and flair.

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