Various Artists – Untitled II – 2×12″ (XRDLP003)


The VA theme on the LP series under the name Untitled || continues to explore the subject of 8 different minds from different corner of the globe connected by the principle and love for the audio frequencies in line with Exarde. Featuring two artists which already dear to label due to the fact of past releases on it and six new ones who have become instant people of love and admiration for me. From the more deep and mellow to the higher pressure for the brain this double disc shall meet your demands. The art theme of this one is blobs & globs from space, whether they are emerging, fighting with their own shadow, or just simply floating and co-existing. This shall conclude my rambling for this body of work as I go and put these eight essences through my ear canals once again. Great deal of thanks for the hard work and dedication of these talented conductors.

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Label: Exarde


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Dimensions 30 × 30 cm