Fakk – El Cementerio De Las Máquinas Parlantes – 2×12″ (XRDLP002)


We are proud to release first full length album on the series by FAKK, the boss of “under.time”, a label and event series running in Rosario, Argentina. The album is named “El cementerio de las maquinas parlantes” which translates to “The graveyard of speakers” and have a mystical, ghostly feel to it. This project was a while in the making with an idea to be full club ready release with 8 tracks ranging through a specific spectrum of electronic music through the worldview of the artist resulting in this 2×12”. This marks an official pathway for more albums on the label in the future but that’s another topic. It is a joy to see it turn out how it did with a super high chance sending some speakers to beyond repair state in the world that we are living in.

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Label: Exarde


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Dimensions 30 × 30 cm