Ter Bandits – Nocturnal Emissions (XRD020)


The trio we are hearing right now have emerged from Ecuador, Ter Bandits are here for an audio story which is filled with the unprecedented frequencies that has come together for this mission to take shape in the matter that it did. Therefore, without further ado let’s begin. Going to be using some letters typed up which in reality will not describe what is needed as deep to the point it deserves, everything already has been portrayed and created with the music you can hear. To unveil our heroes one by one this extended play is made by Santìí from Router Music, the project and the man behind it has gathered big traction not only at the homebase in Quito but also have been roaring all over the globe with some absolute heavyweights of the electronic groove appearing on the line-ups of this mission. Santìí together with the brothers in arms called Cohema makes this alias we are witnessing come to life. So, let’s help ourselves dive in deep for the moment, for the duration of this musical stopover which helps us to see again our world of sound, it has been interpreted by these artists in the one-of-a-kind matter, filled with haunted beats and eerie rhythms. It is a big pleasure and an absolute pride to announce this fantastic group – Ter Bandits as our twentieth release.

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Label: Exarde


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