Ildec – Petit Koala (Incl. Otis & Paul Lution Remix) (XRD019)


Petit Koala. The truly magnificent creatures that roam our planet and who knows, maybe some others too. Could be a koala bunch of aliens which come to the earth to study our species if that’s so, there is hardly a better way to communicate with them than with interstellar music. This release is crafted in a spaceship located in sunny city called Barcelona by a Spanish producer Ildec. Ildec has presented 3 original tracks specially for Exarde exploring his darker side which he flawlessly executes. The A2 of the vinyl record is gracing with the remix. On the remix duties we have two Italian stallions, an outstanding liveact and friendship formed between Otis and Paul Lution who have contributed a pronounced sound manipulation resulting in an outstanding audio piece.

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Label: Exarde


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Dimensions 30 × 30 cm