Jesse You – Tone Select (Incl. Z@p Remix) (XRD018)


Hailing from South Korea, the mind & body trained on the raves of Seoul, and across the country we have Jesse You. The gifted producer has embodied 3 original cuts which are showcasing a hefty range of electronic sound. Describing it using standard words would be too banal, so would prefer to say it is interstellar, from dark to funk and served at absolutely correct temperature. Because it is important not to melt the vinyl but to melt the gooey part inside the head. Jesse is no stranger to sound production and have proved this with “Tone Select” a disc that requires shoes which can stand the test of time on the dancefloor.

On the remix duties its Z@P, resident of many prestigious electronic music communities all over the world and one of the hardest working producers of our time. He has applied a deep burner vision on the original track which allows to dissolve in space time continuum given a correct, as well as an incorrect setting. This 12” Vinyl performs many tasks, some of those you know and some of those you have yet to discover, just select the tone.

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Label: Exarde


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Dimensions 30 × 30 cm