ffrvnco – Night Situations (Incl. Aymeric Remix) (XRD016)


Ladies and Gentlemen here are the Night Situations created by the young and promising producer Franco aka ffrvnco. Hailing from the beautiful country called Argentina he already managed to make enough noise for a lot of us music lovers to notice and keeping attention on this man’s sound output. The 3 original tracks by him and a remix by an also admirable artist are all kicking on this piece of wax. It is setting off the roof making the paint of the walls melt off and the ceilings drip whether you are at a club or at home or at friendly kitchens or at family gatherings which went rogue.

Starting with a real energetic action blast called “Systematic Action” ready for anytime to go off waiting and wanting to get airtime. The remix gracing on side B is by the French maestro Aymeric who is like a family to this label and had done some serious body of work on it before. When Franco named this monsieur as the person who he would like to remix “Systematic Action” it was evident it is going to turn out great and strong just like it did. With A2 your ears and soul will receive some lighter twisted discotheque style number while B2 with its dark tool like qualities will really put things into perspective Exarde style. If you read that far, I would like to say thank you to the artist and to the listener because you living organisms are an absolute excitement!

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Label: Exarde


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