Dircsen – WGD 12004 (WGD12004)


For the latest We’re Going Deep solo series edition, Paul welcomes the mysterious talent and touch of Dircsen. Whilst little is known about this impressive producer hailing from Germany, his superbly rounded set of releases for the Hague’s Soundtravels and Croatian outfit Beef Records have certainly captured the ear and the imagination. With a penchant for the purest sounding waves of TB-303, soaring synths and punchy percussion – there’s nothing but magic when it comes to his work.

Kicking off with the hypnotic, dubby tinged tones of ‘Nothing Remains’ on A1 – the stripped back shuffle of percussion and shimmering stabs evolve in ghostly fashion as an evocative mood prevails: a purist exercise in restraint and calm. Balanced with gnarly intent of ‘Artificial Mind’ on A2, he lands the cutting SAW of his trusty synth to an unfaltering 808 groove. That simply grows in intensity and growl – burying itself in your psyche in the process.

B1 ‘Nervous Disorder’ drives on even further into twilight zone, unleashing a soaring lead to the punch of a swinging 909 that’s designed for pure pleasure – an ode to Chicago’s finest. Ending out on the mellower, house inflected tones of ‘Imminent Flow’ on B2. The cyclical roll of the melody and gentle sub compliment each other perfectly as airy pads lift the atmosphere and bring the EP to a dreamy conclusion.


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Label: We´re Going Deep


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