Ático Corp. – Simulación EP (Incl. Not Even Noticed Remix) (UFC05)


Ático Corp. presents his third EP on his own label UFC, co-owned with also producer R.I.P Bestia. Simulación Ep is the name where you will find four cuts with breaks, electro and trance grooves in an always cyberdelic way. On the A side you have two versions of the same track, AT68. First original version with electro style and big bass leading the track and a second version remixed by german duo Not Even Noticed with a trance vibe oriented remix.

On the flip side, AT70 explores a more upfront breakbeat groove, with big drums, big pads and dreamy melodies. To close the Ep we have AT69, which provides a more trance-breakbeat track with some piano riffs and a lush bass.

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Label: UFC


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