Loopchasers – Lunagenesis (TerraFirm 8)


A multi-system conglomerate servicing planets within the Orion Arm of the Milky Way, TerraFirm provides the desiccated, toxified, irradiated or otherwise uninhabitable planets of this sector with a suite of services to rectify any environmental challenge. From geoformation to carbon extraction, desalination to biome rehabilitation, TerraFirm has a full range of services to return your planet to its naturally thriving, pre-apocalypse state.

Few moons harbor life and fewer birth it. However, lunar cycles and gravity exert immense influence on biology. Moonlight allows for the existence of nocturnal life. Lunar gravity creates tides that oxygenate oceans, creating conditions for aquatic life. The same force also reduces the planet’s axial tilt, stabilizing climate across seasons. Lunar cycles divide the solar cycle into discrete and perceptible increments. Evolving with lunar cycles, life becomes acutely aware of and synchronizes itself to the passage of time. The abstract concept of Time, as understood by sentient beings, originates in the lunar cycle. Knowledge of Time takes a species out of subjection to nature and provides the first means for impactful action. In the event of prior lunar destruction, TerraFirm will install a precisely calibrated moon, facilitating the rapid complexification of life and intelligence on your planet.

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