Gulf Breeze – Something Strange (Incl. Nemo Vachez & Muelsa Remixes) (STFM004)


Sex Tapes From Mars return with four more scintillating dancefloor-centric beats procured from the outer regions of the galaxy for your listening pleasure.

STFM004 is the amalgamation of two original productions extracted from an evasive 12” by Gulf Breeze presented alongside two reinterpretations courtesy of star strikers of the Paris underground Nemo Vachez & Muelsa. Though each track possesses a distinct flavour, all four are unanimous in providing fuel for the peak time of the party utilising hypnotic percussion, driving basslines and an on the nose vocal commanding the listener to Dance as the record spins.

Originally written in London in 1995, both original mixes of Something Strange retain their potency and with a fresh remaster, sound larger than ever. Both the OG and Mr & Mrs Do The Business mix effortlessly cruise into a state of frenzied euphoria via two unmistakable basslines which leave no raver behind.

The B side first sees Nemo Vachez apply his slick hand to the track, acknowledging its character but making it totally his own. The Alien Garage Mix is a slinky cut of UKG with added extraterrestrial seasoning, chiming into a perfect recipe for an efficacious dancefloor bomb.

On B2 Muelsa provides a genre blurring remix which pays homage to the golden era of house from which the original harks, whilst adding a spin which is entirely of the moment. The staunch, driving percussion leads the track through a dreamy acid trip that pulls you in multiple directions before resolving into a final blissful trance.

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Label: Sex Tapes From Mars


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