Two Opposites – Escape From Reality EP (SN002)


For its 2nd release, Sweet Notes is happy to welcome the Italian duo Two Opposites to its imprint! Begin the adventure with “Escape Reality”, where celestial synths elevate you to the cosmos. A dash of pop flair in the playful bassline lightens the mood, making you groove from head to toe on this mind-bending escape!

The second track, “Gravitone”, means business from the start. A serious vibe that compels you to exchange intense looks with your mates or strangers on the dance floor. The whirling stab? It’s like an old computer crashing, but in the coolest way. Paired with an acid house beat, get ready to techno-nod with newfound seriousness!

Dive into the EP’s third track, “Magic Gate”, where a deep bassline takes you on a mind-soaring journey. Shimmering synths elevate the experience. Once open, the magic gate leads you into its twisted slide tunnel—a wild, memorable ride awaits, so you better buckle up!

Enter the laid-back realm of “Melocity,” where multi-directional stabs guide your mind on an intense self-trip. It’s mellow yet positively infectious, and those shiny stabs? They’re the secret giggle-inducing agents. Let the carefree vibes roll!

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Label: Sweet Notes


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