Abacus – Collectors Edition Vol. 1 (SKKB022)


We have gathered again to present you a full body of work by Austin Bascom who goes under the moniker Abacus. The gentleman has created a lot of unique works for the people to enjoy starting from the 90’s and till this day. Recently the artist had a string of fantastic releases in our current years of 2020+ as well. This time he was kind enough to dedicate his time and effort to the dome of Sakskøbing. We witness the four deep cuts of house music in the way how deep house needs to be done in our honest opinion. Start of from “Chi-Town Stories” and the stories it brings to the ears and the mindset, straight after witnessing “Chillin’ Woman” with amazing vocals by Mz. Mosea which has been recorded in 1994, then bringing in the “Mourning Sun” and to conclude wrapping yourself under a warm blanket of “Hyggë”. I hope this work of soul and passion will bring you nice feelings as it did to us. Don’t forget to tell your loved ones that you love them. Thank you, Abacus for the emotion you have given to all of us listeners and music lovers.

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Label: Sakskøbing


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