oneeyedman – Eat Alone a Miso Soup EP (SKKB019)


oneeyedman is the project by the Hungarian-based artist István Sándor, seeing with one eye the release “Eat Alone a Miso Soup” that is landing on the musical hub Sakskøbing. The record has been over a year in the making and has gathered the shape using the all-seeing eye we witness today. Four track EP starting with the first Samurai discipline imbued track using voice part from Masaki Kobayashi’s 1962 movie “Harakiri”. Explicit qualities of an anthem there which makes you want to whip out a katana and graciously waft it in the air. Following piece “Night Train Ride” will be perfect not just for the trains, but starting on foot and going as far as taking the space shuttle with its cumulative acidic qualities. The Sixth Life story has morphed its shape into the DJ friendly version it is today, that says it next to the tin with more drums than ever before and portraying a human multi life story with its picturesque patterns & elaborate frequencies. Closing up this chapter with the intricately vivid number “Moody Discoteq” which shiatsu’s the membranes of one’s big red-pinkish brain in a calm manner and concluding the story of this body of work. All tracks were produced by István and mixed by the man himself and Gregus Grema Márton using the ancient Japanese techniques, which cannot be taught but rather has to be unlocked with practice, clear spirit and of course major levels of discipline.

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Label: Sakskøbing


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