Dan Piu – Constant Light EP (SKKB018)


The light is at the end of the tunnel. The light is shining bright because of love. The love is the answer to the darkness + the remedy for the experience which might bring unclearness and letting drown in the metaphorical swamp which every single human has felt during the journey they are on. The EP by the Switzerland based mastermind Dan Piu is dedicated to the love and to the love only. The tracks that were produced from the artist’s creative inflow are from the year 1995 to our present days and are telling the story of hope and compassion. Starting from A side we have a demonstrative rollercoaster which is ‘Selfish War Machine’ gracing before the ‘Made in Japan’ which is inspired by the early arcade machines and the ethos they were bringing with them. Side B starts with seductive house number straight up from the year 1995, followed by Robotic tool ‘Robota’ and finishing off on the perfect and soul caressing track going by the name ‘Equinox of Ceres’. This precise body of work which has found its home with Sakskøbing is pure and direct message of love, in a way when things are seem bleak the light can be sparked again. The answer how this spark gets obtained is the four-letter word which is mentioned frequently in this text.

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Label: Sakskøbing


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