Ildec – The Day And Night (SEXTAPE006)


Embarking on a celestial journey, “The Day And Night” drops on Sex Tapes From Mars, unfolding as a four-track odyssey, each piece serving as a stellar waypoint in the vast universe of groove. Thudding drums, warbling bass, and tingling synth leads – Ildec’s sonic tapestry transcends conventional techno, with a hard focus on the 90s, blurring the lines between the earthly and the extraterrestrial. With each track, he invites listeners to lose themselves in the infinite expanse of deep, titillating sound.

The journey kicks off with “Pesadillas”, a haunting exploration of dark, atmospheric textures intertwined with pulsating rhythms, transporting the dancefloor into their subconscious.

“Listo Para El Space” emerges as a guiding light in the night, its hypnotic beats, vintage prodding bassline, and ethereal chords propelling woozy momentum forward into the stratosphere and beyond.

“Dai Fra” follows suit, weaving intricate sonic layers with its relentless disco-esque bassline, and retro synths, evoking a sense of weightlessness.

“You High” on the flip isn’t merely a late-night bop; it’s a sonic manifesto that celebrates the boundless potential of electronic music past and future, and as a medium for transcendence. Ildec’s approach defies categorisation, drawing inspiration from a myriad of influences to create a sound that is both timeless and futuristic.

As Sex Tapes From Mars continues to lead the charge in sonic innovation, their sixth outing stands as a testament to the label’s commitment to lesser-heard artistic excellence. Ildec’s offering serves to guide listeners to distant galaxies and offers a glimpse into the infinite possibilities of outsider dancefloor moments.

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Label: Sex Tapes From Mars


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