Syrte – 396.847 (SCAS7)


It’s the final release of the eight-part Astra Spectra series featuring none other than label co-founder Syrte with a powerful 6 track EP that traverses the space between IDM, Electro and something else. Included is a collaboration with Science Cult co-operator Aura Nox.

Pressed on a limited run of blue translucent vinyl, the colour and name of the EP correspond to Iron on the Fraunhofer Absorption Spectrum of our sun.

Stefan Weise aka Syrte envisioned the “Astra Spectra” series as a celebration of mankind’s vision for space exploration, past and future, while also expressing a love for space science, science fiction and the spirit of discovery. Each release in the series is representative of a color frequency in our sun’s absorption spectrum and the element which is represented by that, hence the name, which means “Solar Spectrum”.

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Label: Science Cult


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Dimensions 30 × 30 cm