Various Artists – Funderground EP (PLNK001)


Enter rebellious sonic wonders. Natural Goofy’s Planka Records label is finally here.

Funderground – where fun meets the underground through a symphony of beats, melodies, and unbridled energy.
The debut album showcases four diverse talents, each bringing their unique flavor to the dancefloor.
A1. Moray – Lujuria Universal:
A track that embodies the essence of the universe’s seductive allure. Its thumping beats and ethereal synths will transport you to a dimension where pleasure has no boundaries.

A2. Natural Goofy – You Are Alone:
Enter the depths of the night through a dark and thick symphony, echoing through your very core. Sweaty pulses and haunting melodies intertwine, casting an irresistible, enigmatic spell.

B1. Len Lewis – The Emperor Strikes Back:
Produced in 1999, this track exudes the aroma of old school tech house. It’s not just a song – it’s a time capsule, inviting you to dance to the rhythm of history.

B2. Will Vickers – Arf Tone:
Leaning into the sublimely strange things that happen in the early hours. A house influenced track that will leave you with more questions than answers.

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