Digitalis – Soma Junkies EP (OS01) (Reissue)


The first release from Organic Signs, a hybrid platform and record label that operates from Barcelona and Madrid, with Jan Swam as Label Manager.

This is a reissue originally released in 1998, by an artist who knew how to go beyond the sounds of the golden age of rave, to reach a unique style. Kaya Project, Shakta, Somaton or Hibernation are some of the akas that Seb Taylor has used throughout his career to leave us an unprecedented musical legacy.

Four tracks that go from trance, DnB, trip-hop and breakbeat. Telepresence has a controlled rolling bass, excellent use of breakbeats and chugging flanged riffs. Pure psychedelic trance vibes. Continues with the drop in bpms of The Improvable Voyage, along with an original trip hop sounds with flanged riffs (again).

We turn to side B1 to meet Soma Junkie, a track with a psychedelic breakbeatness lines with very creative drum fills; and we finish with Dr Sembei, a mix between psychedelia and drum and bass, to leave a good taste in your mouth.


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Label: Organic Signs


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