Ahu – Nord Dream – 2×12″ (ISEE005)


You’re alone and you close your eyes. Don’t imagine figures of light, make the darkness conscious. It becomes deeper, not eyelids anymore, and then something is around you, but you can’t open your eyes, you’re deep inside them. Merge into oneness, not bright above not dark below. Something with has no echo. Waves and motion, not space and time. If a tree falls in a forest where no one is listening, does it make a sound? There are no signs in the snow. Why this dream of something cold? The world is blue at its edges, the colour of that which can never be possessed. Blue flames, deep ice, twilight. How do you observe yourself without knowing that you’re looking? The other side of your face. Why don’t you let the gap be a gap? I was afraid there was too much space. When you stop focusing the image appears. Everything seen at once. Turn yourself into a point to get behind the surface. A messenger between two worlds. The hidden meaning behind alchemy: to be born again. You’re not born into this world but out of it. Travel by heat, words are too slow. Sound knows how to get around edges, wiser than light.


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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 cm