Forehard – Motorhome EP (INCEPTUM005)


Finnish Inceptum Records returns powerfully with this electro & detroit techno oriented four-tracker from the label boss Forehard.

In the Motorhome EP (Inceptum005) Forehard takes his listener in a journey through his inspirations as well as musical interests – as he firmly builds musical mosaic where every sound finds its unique place.

The A-side begins with a dreamy title track that takes you to the deep and rolling sounds of the motor city. A-side ends with an epic acid electro with tasty bassline and melancholic melodies which gives light into darkness.

The first track of B-side is an iconic and powerful melodic techno track. Safe warm pads, percussive drum work and chicago style bassline combines it all into one. Last track of this ep is totally dancefloor burner, which shows producer’s many-sided talent.

This electro is created from bottom of the black heart of the deep blood of a dark and dirty acid sewers.

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