Various – Interstellar Buzz (HTP001)


Matthew Reyer, ½ Black/Tuesday, introduces a new project, Hack the Planet!

In this electrifying showdown, four enigmatic codebreakers confront an AI overlord known as the Binary Serpent, battling for control of the digital universe and the freedom of the human mind.

Poten, the enigmatic Denver-based hardware junkie, known for his cerebral explorations, delivers an energetic and dynamic shot to the algorithm. Sweater, the Philadelphia-based prodigy, propels us on an interstellar journey through a fusion of spacey rhythms and pulsating low-end frequencies. Daisy Boy reminds us that time is a mere illusion, using sound’s essence to evoke emotions that transcend the boundaries of the clock. Finally, label boss Reyer orchestrates a multi-pronged attack, diverting the AI’s attention with a flurry of decoy data packets and initiating a series of rapid sound injections.

Interstellar Buzz is an auditory odyssey that transcends genres, inviting you to lose yourself in the infinite possibilities of the digital realm. So plug in, tune out, and let the music transport you to a world where the boundaries between the real and the virtual blur, and the future of sound awaits.

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Label: Hack The Planet


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