Asphalt DJ – Eternal Flower (HAWS023)


Thump! Check your periphery, because a heretofore entity has arrived on this earthly plane. Asphalt DJ has added another notch to the Haŵs bedpost, with the actualisation of his ‘Eternal Flower’ EP. The prolific DJ has really turned his attention to production of late, churning out a slew of sumptuous releases and features, neatly coalescing with his excellent mixes and underlining his clear-cut talent. His wizardry and acute ear for high-octane beats knows limitless bounds, and the majesty of ‘Eternal Flower’ continues his cartographic foray into pumping prog.

The EP begins with ‘In My Mind’, a cataclysmic cut channelling late 90s trance and acid techno, defined by incessant 303 lines and raging percussive force. A2 is the title track, ‘Eternal Flower’. This one edges back into the realm of house, with the shuffling drums beautifully accentuated by balearic vocal chops, sustained classic trance keys reminiscent of the legendary Manuel Goettsching and a surging bassline. Re-progging the EP is the wonderfully named ‘2 De Wave’, continuing the thematically crystalline sonic vision of the Asphalt DJ. Thudding kicks and dreamily programmed chords fluctuate conduct and distil the rave monster, forming a foot-stomping creation of ceaseless energy. B2 is ‘Sonic Endeavour’, an EP closer of the funkiest order. Retaining all the unequivocal elements from its forebears, the weighty concoction effervesces and erupts into a dancefloor demon of 4 x 4 glory.

Now, next time you step off the kerb and onto the asphalt, remember that intimacy is always on the edge. Do not fear the unknown, as music is our eternal flower.


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Label: Haŵs


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