Laars & Cosmic G – Flotation Agent (HAWS020)


Haŵs are 20 deep. No longer in their shy teens, just a real life sonic entity with (almost) no adolescent trappings and the requisite fortitude and experience to really unleash upon the world. Having said that, they truly have released some amazing music since their inception and the world can’t wait for the next one, and the many ones and twos after that.

The duo Laars and Cosmic G have proudly given them their milestone #20. The Belgradian boys have cooked up a storming 12” 4-tracker assembled with a production style eloquent of distinct perspicacity.

‘Flotation Agent’ is an accelerated, acid-enveloped pumper, combining the nostalgic and contemporary with an effortless design. Next is ‘Irregular Minds’, a more pensive, stunted concoction, emboldened by the continued and ever present acid permeation. Not one, but ‘5 Atoms’ brings the meditative, techno-aligned pace back, whilst echoic arpeggios arrive and dissipate within the cosmic milieu. Finally we reach ‘Equilibrium’, bridging the gap between its forebears and encapsulating the EP as part of a dancefloor equation.

Drawn from the depths of the infinite mind, Laars and Cosmic G’s creation is the sum of all its parts. So remember, no running in the Haŵs… but dancing is fine!


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Label: Haŵs


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