Jeku – Transcendence (HAWS019)


Scandi-lous! We’ve got another other-worldly record for you, courtesy of who? Jeku! The man from Helsinki has given us a much-coveted gift, a gift that traverses incredulity yet still thankfully remains harnessed to the human realm. The story that started below the ozone layer has moved to the stratosphere. Transcendence is coming, and boy has he been busy.

Known to Haŵs and now known to you, Jeku has once more imbued his machine army with the power of time-tested inspirators. Mainlining Roland majesty and early 00s prog into his latest brainchild, the Transcendence EP puts paid to the idea of a record as an interdependent piece of club literature, flowing from one to the next and indulging in a timeless chant between two worlds.

No subterfuge, just a guy from the underground with two ears for unparalleled tranceability. No description, just listen and try not to ascend. It can’t be done. It’s Jeku for you.


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Label: Haŵs


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Dimensions 30 × 30 cm