Do Or Die – Out Race (FTVA03)


Our third analysis of frequencies from the void above resulted in a snapshot obtained from the genesis of another universe. Celebrating one year of music FTVA03 consists of five cuts by the spanish maestro Do Or Die.

On the A-Side the record opens with Autoflanger, a driving techno track with trancey elements which gives no rest. A2, 25 Seconds, presents a biting electro cut where the vocals and synths take us on a apocaliptic journey. Heaven in Hell closes the A-Side with a tranquil but tense acid track where the interaction of the bassline, drums, leads and pads create an ascent into the enlightenment brought by the glimpse of this new universe.

The B-Side opens up with Out Run 2020, a warped break-beat phantasmagoria where detuned synths constantly fight aganst the driving bassline. Finally, B2 gives us Overdose, a gloomy electro cut with sounds brought up from the darkest places of this new universe.

“Accept the existence of the void as a real entity, in which atoms can move and rearrange themselves”.


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Label: From The Void Above


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Dimensions 30 × 30 cm