Undo w/ Casiowaves & Vicknoise – Ciudad Futura (FC069)


Factor City kicks off its third decade in full swing, led by Undo solo and accompanied by its usual partners Casiowaves and Vicknoise.

It all began in 2003 when Undo & Vicknoise laid the foundation for the label with “Noctámbula,” and over the years, they continued to collaborate closely, managing the label and producing “hits” such as “Orca” or “Happy Monday.” From 2011 onward, following an amicable parting, Undo began to run the label solo while maintaining the same spirit and distinctive sound of the Barcelona-based label, always at the forefront of dance music produced in Spain.

Now, in 2024, in a “digital” world where fewer and fewer things can be touched with our fingers and where 100,000 songs are uploaded to Spotify every day, Factor City is charting a different course and starts a new decade on the dance floors by returning to vinyl releases and persisting in their low key and relaxed approach, releasing few and carefully curated records from their artists each year.

“Ciudad Futura” opens with “Good Times,” a track by Undo that radiates joy and positivity. An euphoric ride through landscapes of analog synthesizers and drum machines. The second track on side A is signed by Undo & Vicknoise, who hadn’t produced together in 15 years. And we hope they won’t take as long to get back in the studio together after hearing the fantastic track “Electric Rainbow.” A delightful slice of electro-disco. The B side is signed by the recent combo of Undo and Casiowaves. The first track, “Secret Worlds,” follows in the wake of their recent releases on Factor City and Melodize with that winning combination of retro 80s and 90s synths with vocoders and a more contemporary production. Closing out the record is “Astralia,” a vibrant “power synth pop” anthem adorned with FM synths and acid-tinged melodies. Thanks for listening!

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