Aiden Francis – Overture (ELP003)


Sourcing influences from 90s Tech, house, trance and breaks Aiden Francis’ pure passion for underground electronic music radiates through his music and DJ sets. Effortlessly drifting between different sounds and aesthetics, Aiden has managed to break himself free from the constraints of genre so that his true creative prowess can be flexed in full.

The lack of constraint overflows into Aiden’s DJ sets, providing highly energetic experiences that flows through a unity of sounds, cultures and voices. This varied approach to DJing has found Aiden’s name appear on high-quality events across Manchester and the UK, having played along Eris Drew at The Loft, taking the reins for High Hoops Pride Weekender at The White Hotel featuring on the lineup alongside D.Tiffany and Fafi Abdel Nour and regular intimate sets at Eastern Bloc.

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Label: Ellipse Records


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