S.A.M. – Delaphine 012 (DELAPHINE012)


S.A.M. returns to their Delaphine imprint with three tracks for the dance floor and beyond. All tracks carry a signature groovy and punchy low-end with deep other-dimensional swelling atmospheres and immersive compositions. The opening track ‘What Defines You As A Human’ takes you underwater with bubbly synth effects and arpeggiated bass plucks filling up the lows while flanging sizzling hi hats tickle the eardrum. The groove is driving with a single reflective line being repeated in whispering vocals.

The second track ‘Lundeborg Winds’ follows up with pad chords topped with an organically tweaked Moog melody all collapsing into a darker and stormy vibe. Here a new acidic bass line keeps you moving and brings you into the storm with curiosity. A soft and dreamy piano part carries the tunes outro and puts the storm to rest.

The full sided cut on the B-side named ‘Dive’ could refer to S.A.M. ‘s prior release from 2016 ‘Descend II Ascend’, because the track really does take you to deep inner oceans before ascending to shivering heights. Here the journey up high seems to be conditioned on diving inward. A solemn almost religious choir takes the composition in a unique direction toward a place somewhere in between the beats of the heart.

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